Handy Learning Book


Handy Learning; Activities for Hand Development

Handy Learning has sold to over TEN THOUSAND therapists and teachers, giving them the tools to develop hand skills in children simply, painlessly and effectively. It is what you have been looking for.

The Handy Learning Activity Book provides therapists, teachers and parents with fun, engaging activities for fine motor and handwriting development. No need to "make" the child do what is best for them, with Handy Learning, they want to engage and play. Handy Learning is an integrated program that meets the specifications of IDEA guideline for therapy implementation.

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What does it include?

  • Packed full of fun, engaging activities for developin children’s hand skills
  • Each activity is linked to a curriculum goal 
  • A thorough overview of hand development for both the lay person and therapist
  • More than 25 activities for the classroom and home
  • Photos and descriptions of each activity. 

Each activity includes:

• An overall description of the activity

• A list of targeted school-related developmental objectives

• A list of tine motor development components

• Therapeutic positioning for each activity

• Clear photographs of the activities in action

These activities develop fine motor skills for preschoolers on up. 

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